Communicate with the Sunday school superintendent if you must be absent
Today's tip may seem so obvious that it is a waste of the ink needed to print it. Common experience, however, has proven that while it is only the polite, proper, responsible thing to alert the Sunday school superintendent when one has to be absent, many Sunday school teachers do not do so.
There will always be extraordinary circumstances (such as having a flat tire on the way to church and then finding that one's cell phone is dead) that may prevent the teacher from giving the superintendent ample warning that he cannot make it to class this Sunday. Many times, however, teachers know at least the night before - if not the whole week - that they will not be at church the coming Sunday. In such circumstances, the only responsible thing to do is to contact the superintendent as soon as one knows.

  • If you know you will be gone an upcoming Sunday (for vacation, etc.), please inform your Sunday school superintendent as soon as you know, even if it is a week or two in advance.
  • If you are sick or not well, or for some other reason are uncertain if you will miss, let your superintendent know a day or two in advance, if possible.