Read Matthew 10: 9-16

                        The Master’s Commands

          “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves:  be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves" (vs.16).


  Jesus was our perfect example.  His preaching and teaching were sometimes pointed, and at other times couched in stories and allegories. He knew his audience and how best to speak to them.  We do not have His wisdom! But we need to seek a measure of His wisdom when approaching others.  Some will dismiss you immediately, some will be curious, and others will scoff and seek to argue.  Others, prepared by God, will seek to know more.  In any case, a gentle wind will leave a pleasant breeze, where pontificating may leave a fretful scar.


Will it stir the stormy waters or bring a peaceful calm;

speak as Jesus did and breathe a restful balm?

Will it greet the wayward son, or heap on bitter shame;

mend the broken fences, or seek to assess blame?

Will it lift a lowly spirit, or drag it farther down;

bring joy to others, or let them slowly drown?

Will it fuel an angry conflict, or give the gift of peace;

trifle with their feelings, or bring a sweet release?

Will it wound without a cure, or remind of God’s great love;

taste of empty words, or fill with joy above?


Take caution every day, that blessings flow from what you say

                                                                                    -Jan Hamilton