Beginning with this lesson, we will now discuss several "Sunday" best practices for the Sunday school teacher. The topic for today's lesson a good habit to develop, simply for the benefit of being punctual. However, there are several other practical reasons for developing this habit.
Why should you arrive early for Sunday school?

  • Arriving early will give you extra time to do any set-up of the class - arranging tables and chairs or setting up the whiteboard or projector, etc.
  • Arriving early may allow you to review needed materials for class, and make quick last-minute calls to someone who can bring them, if you realize materials you thought were in the room are missing.
  • Arriving early as a practice sets a good example before your students how they should approach Sunday school and church attendance.
  • Arriving early can allow you to spend some time in quiet thought about the lesson and prayer for you and your students.
  • Arriving early gives you the opportunity to be available to students who may have spiritual questions, but are intimidated by the prospect of voicing them before the whole class.

We should recognize that good intentions do not develop good habits. What changes in your Sunday morning routine do you need to make in order to develop this habit?