Father, I come again in prayer to ask for your blessing upon my life and my volunteer ministry within our local church. There have been many misguided teachings over the past years concerning praying for your blessing. Some have basically taught that we can confidently pray for our every whim and desire. Others have suggested that your blessing is like a bubble gum machine: insert a prayer or a tithe, and out comes a blessing. I recognize that the purpose of prayer is about aligning my will with your will, not about merely presenting you a wish list.
Yet, Lord, I do feel a deep need for your blessing upon my life. I recognize that without your enabling power I cannot be victorious spiritually or successful in ministry for you. So I humbly ask for you to pour out blessings upon my life so that I can glorify your name and be a blessing to others.
Thank you in advance for the grace you are going to provide. Amen.