In "Biblical Perspective" Larry Grile writes:

Israel's parents could tell their children that their life style was based squarely both on what God had done for them and on what God had spoken to them. Since God had redeemed them from Egyptian bondage, He had a right to expect from them an altered life style, a life style that both would glorify Him and would be for their own good. God's requirements are always for our good, so that He can be good to us in wonderful and innumerable ways. Parents could remind their children that the pious keeping of God's laws was the evidence and measure of genuine righteousness, and that through their righteousness God would be able to pour out on them His goodness and blessings. Parents needed to remind their children that they were just as obligated as their parents were to preserve the blessings of God by faithful and continued obedience in the years to come.

Source: Building Christian Relationships: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 61.