At some point, differing opinions are going to be expressed. How you as the teacher react to those disagreements is extremely important. First, stay relaxed! You are going to manage the situation well, and it is going to turn out OK! Express satisfaction that people feel free to express their opinions, even if theirs are different from someone else's. You might say something like, “OK, we have differing opinions here, and that is great. Maybe there is even a third opinion that you would like to share.” Statements like that can relax the group, and often will lead to avoiding a debate over the two opinions presented. If that doesn't work, ask your class to discuss first the positives of each of the differing viewpoints, and then the negatives. If the matter is a serious doctrinal issue, you might thank the person for sharing his viewpoint, and then say something like, “Historically our church has taken a different view on this subject,” and then share what that position is. Avoid communicating a flat, “You are wrong.” Keep the conversation open. You may be surprised at the changes that can take place if you do!

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Seeking peace despite disagreement

In "God's Word for Today" Gordon Snider writes:

As I write this lesson, the presidential race of 2016 is underway. In my lifetime, I have never seen the evangelical community so divided in a presidential election. Christians are “de-friending” other Christians on Facebook because the rhetoric is so strong. It just goes to show that it is difficult to fellowship with people who have strong feelings that differ from our own. Yet Paul, in today's lesson, calls for harmony in the face of disagreements. Disagreements will not vanish because the election is over. Serious conflicts still exist among believers over things like recreation, appearance, worship styles, and Sabbath observance, just to name a few. Paul was not calling us to compromise the truth, but he was calling the Church to live in harmony. Today's texts can give us clear direction about how to “shoot the rapids” of controversy while maintaining the unity of the Body of Christ. Perhaps no truth is more needed today than this one!

Source: Building Christian Relationships: Adult Teacher's Insights, page 46.

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