Read Acts 10:34–43.

"Him God raised up the third day, and showed Him openly"(v. 40).

  This is an amazing passage of scripture, showing the Apostle to the Jews (Peter)being endowed with power to preach Jesus to the Gentiles. Peter had to overcome obstacles to get to that point, but he did conquer his reluctance and preached to these devout people. God was pleased with the message; the people listening had some scriptural background about the gospel (note: vs. 36–38) and were anxious for more truth.

From our key verse, we understand that the crucial message Peter preached, and that we are to convey, centers in the resurrection of Christ. This is still the power of the gospel message today. (Leonard L. Sankey)

"Death in vain forbids Him rise. Christ has opened paradise."(Charles Wesley)

The resurrection of Christ is the standard miracle of the New Testament.