Read John 15:9-14.


"As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love" (v. 9).


     My father was a Christian example, quiet and humble.  He served four years in the US Army during World War II, without the opportunity of returning home on leave, but never complained.  In fact, he considered his military service an honor.  He confidently labored as an automobile mechanic.   He faithfully served and generously gave to his Church.

But the striking example of Christlikeness in his life was his love for my mother.  He would have been in his late teens when they met.  She had an infant son by a man who deserted her, but Father embraced that boy, adopted him, and married my mother.

Though they were often misunderstood and criticized, Dad never responded with anything but gracious love.  Oh, he could be firm for sure, and when needed, he could let you know what he considered right. Through all of his life, his love for mother was evident.  The last nine years of her life she was disabled because of a stroke, but father carefully and patiently cared for her needs.  As Christ loved the Church, father loved his family. (Clair Sams)


O Love divine, what hast thou done!

The immortal God hath died for me!

The Father's co-eternal Son

Bore all my sins upon the tree.

Th'immortal God for me hath died:

My Lord, my Love, is crucified!


Then let us sit beneath His cross,

And gladly catch the healing stream:

All things for Him account but loss,

And give up all our hearts to Him:

Of nothing think or speak beside,

My Lord, my Love, is crucified!

Charles Wesley


Love is the full expression of a heart whose character is pure.