A Prayer for Students

Heavenly Father, thank you for giving me the privilege of teaching such a wonderful class. Thank you for how you are working in each of my students’ lives. Thank you for (state specific ways you see God working in the lives of your students). May you continue to bless each one, increase their faith, and deepen their love for you and for one another.
Lord, I pray that you would enlighten my class’s understanding of your Word. Help each one to see that the Bible is not an ancient, out-of-touch document, but instead that you are speaking to us through Scripture and that in your words we find abundant life.
I also pray that you would encourage my students to care for one another. Help us not to be a group of strangers meeting weekly, but a family who cares for one another deeply. When one has a need, help us all to rally around in support. When one rejoices, may we join in the celebration, happy that you have poured blessings upon our fellow Christian.
Father, help our class to develop a passionate love and concern for lost people. May our passion move us to action, instead of allowing us to simply feel good while sitting on the sidelines. Use us to impact the world with your love.
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Motivate students to learn on their own. If students only engage with God’s Word during your class, they are missing a consistent practice that will strengthen their walk with the Lord and help them through daily challenges. Help motivate your students to study during the week by giving them interesting topics to explore. The topics, if related to your lesson(s), will not only enrich your students’ spiritual lives, but will also deepen the discussion in your class. Some students might benefit from suggestions regarding resources or Bible study methods. A challenge to the class to read specific passages during the week might be a motivating factor. A long-range challenge to read through the Bible in a year would motivate some students.  Giving students ideas for different formats for reading through the Bible might also help motivate some who would otherwise be intimidated with such a daunting “task.”

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