Hannah Praises God

“There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God” (v. 2).
Some years ago, there were a number of people who were stricken with polio. One of these was a young mother of two by the name of Mar- lene. Some who contracted this disease were devastated and lived under a shadow of gloom throughout their lives. Marlene did not do so. She determined that she was going to continue to live her life for God, her family, and others. In time, she had seven more children and, with the help of a godly, loving husband, she pushed herself to live a productive life. There were times when she would sit on the floor and, dragging her body across the floor, scrub her floors to polished perfection. At an advanced age, she continues to be one of the most joyful Christian ladies you would ever meet.
Hannah certainly was such a woman who understood the priority of praise. God had turned her sorrow into singing and her tears into tri- umph. There are at least three significant things that happen when a man or woman praises God: Praise exalts God, it elevates our own spirit, and it provides an example to three worlds that our God is praise-worthy! Peo- ple who praise are truly a blessing to everyone around them. (Michael R. Williams)

Are you a member of the “Praise Committee”?