A Prayer for the Superintendent

Heavenly Father, thank you for my Sunday school superintendent and all the work that he/she does to make sure our Sunday school department runs properly.
You see the stress this person experiences when teachers are absent without warning or complain and argue over little things. Help me to be an encouragement by faithfully showing up each week and letting the superintendent know well in advance if I cannot come. Help me also to have such a sweet spirit that it gives joy to him/her.
Enable this person to have the strength and energy to serve in this position. Help them not to feel overwhelmed by the various administrative tasks for which they are responsible. Give this person creative ideas for how to encourage and train us teachers to disciple our students more effectively. Help us teachers to work together for the good of our church, but most of all because we love you, Lord. Amen.
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Teaching is Leading

In a real sense, the teacher is like a shepherd. The shepherd does not hand feed his sheep. He does not open the sheep's mouth and force grass down it. Rather, the shepherd leads the flock to lush, green pastures that make the sheep drool with hunger. He guides them to quiet pools of water where they feel safe in drinking long and deep.
Our world is filled with spiritual junk food. The type of junk food that interests your students will vary from person to person: ball games, romance novels, TV programs, computers, knitting - the one common trait in such junk food is that it suggests it can satisfy our soul's hunger for God, apart from God.
Teacher, your job is to uncover the delicious, life-giving spiritual meal God has prepared in His Word, let them smell the savor of its eternal flavor, and invite them to ... chow down!

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