Read John 17:20-23.

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word;” (v. 20)

“When I first went out to my mission field in Africa,” related Dr. Green, “the boat carried me up a wide, beautiful river flowing through the jungle, and as night came on, I listened with many misgivings to the roll of war drums. They continued far into the night. The captain of the boat felt uneasy and tried to discourage me from going ashore. I admit I was trembling with fear. But I found that ‘the Lord standeth within the shadows keeping
watch above His own.’ After years of delightful labor, I left the jungle on the same boat. As it came down the river, thousands of these same natives gathered on the shores near their villages to say farewell. As the boat came into sight, they broke into song, but not a war song. A united group of believers could be heard singing, ‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name.’” Someday, we will stand before God’s throne, singing praises to our King, in a mass choir with believers from every corner of the planet.
The size of the Church will not impress the world. The inward union expressing one mission will impress them. It is a unity of hope for the future, for humanity, and the promise of someday being where Jesus is. The Gospel creates a unity of faith with our
Father, our Savior, our Holy Spirit, and our fellow believers. Me plus three or me plus the Trinity are a formidable force. With God’s help, nothing shall be impossible! (Beverly Tatum)

“Feed the hungry, heal the heart,
Till the morning's beam;
White as wool, 'ere they depart,
Shepherd, wash them clean.”
--- Lyman Brackett

Sheep are necessary for a shepherd, even as a shepherd is necessary for a flock.