Read Psalm 92: 1-9.
"But thou, LORD, art most high for evermore" (v. 8).

Occasionally, I see the phrase “Make Jesus Famous” used in church circles. As an old “fuddy-duddy,” this sometimes bothers me because I perceive it to mean that Jesus is not already famous. But then I am reminded that this may be how a newer generation expresses the need to praise God. God sees the hearts that are truly desiring to be reflections of His glory. The psalmist starts this song by stating that it is good to give thanks and to sing praises to the most high, and then also includes the reasons to praise and use instruments as part of that celebration. I sometimes wonder when I am a part of a song service that seems to be merely going through a routine where our hearts are. Our praises to God are an act of worship to him and a testimony to his greatness! I have encouraged people to let their faces know and show their praise to God! If what I observe from the platform is at all what God sees from heaven, there is often a lack of exaltation or gratitude. People, we have much to praise God for! (Tim Brubeck)
He is the most high for evermore!